Dr Ina Ismiarti Shariffuddin
Organising Chairperson


We are delighted to extend our warmest welcome and invite you to participate in the upcoming 20th ASPA conference in conjunction with the 3rd Paediatric anaesthesia meeting in Malaysia; the theme of our conference is "SAFE: Safe and Sustainable Anaesthesia For Every Child." The conference aims to bring together esteemed professionals, researchers, and anaesthesiologists worldwide to explore and address the critical aspects of safe and sustainable anaesthesia for children, particularly in the ASIAN region.

With a focus on enhancing patient outcomes and ensuring the well-being of every child, we are excited to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation. You can look forward to engaging plenary presentations from renowned experts, interactive panel discussions, thought-provoking workshops, and ample networking opportunities during the conference. It will be a remarkable occasion to share your experiences, present your research findings in our oral & posters presentation, and learn from other leaders in the field.

As an esteemed participant, your expertise and insights will play a significant role in shaping the future of paediatric anaesthesia. Your active participation will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and foster a community of professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety and sustainability of anaesthesia practices for children. We believe your participation will enhance the diversity of perspectives and enrich the discourse. Together, let us work towards establishing best practices, identifying challenges, and exploring innovative solutions to improve anaesthesia delivery for every child.

We look forward to your presence and eagerly anticipate an enriching and memorable conference experience.